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The Asset Based Lending Institute (ABLI) is the premier destination for an accredited asset-based lending education, leading the charge in one of the fastest-expanding sectors in finance. ABLI offers a comprehensive Level 7 Diploma course, tailored to deliver a deep understanding of the industry, spanning key areas such as field examination, underwriting, account management, and operations.

Designed to accommodate the needs of today's corporate workforce, the course can be pursued at individual paces and from any location, with certification achievable in as little as six months*. This educational investment aims to equip you or your workforce with valuable, applicable skills that have the potential to propel career advancement, drive organizational growth, and maximize financial success.

*based on prior knowledge, experience, and skillset.

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Foundation to Asset-Based Lending™

This module will provide learners with a comprehensive knowledge of Invoice Finance, Factoring and full asset-based Lending and how to structure lending parameters: minimizing risks and maximizing profitability.
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Asset-Based Lending for Underwriters™

You will be introduced to and encouraged to discuss and apply the management models, concepts and ideas that will facilitate an in-depth analysis of the lending proposal when underwriting the inherent risks involved.
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Inventory Lending™

This module covers how to analyze and assess inventory properly as collateral to quantify risk and establish proper lending parameters.
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Field Audit Examinations - Account Receivables ™

The purpose of the field examination function is to appraise the value and operation of the asset-based lending facility. The aim of this unit is to review the account receivables element of the field examinations role. 
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Field Audit Examinations - Inventory ™

The purpose of the field examination function is to appraise the value and operation of the asset-based lending facility. The aim of this module is to review the Inventory element of the field examinations role.
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Financial Statement Analysis ™

The purpose of the financial statement review is to measure the borrower’s liquidity, its profitability or lack thereof and evaluate its ability to meets its obligations in a timely manner.
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Accounts Management ™

This module addresses the role and function of the account manager and how to approach financial performance and forecasting.

It concerns developing the skills and tools required to review and evaluate the operation of facilities and how to develop the management of risk in an ever-changing environment.
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Operations / Collateral Analysis ™

This module covers the front line/operational function of asset-based lending. 

It explores how to glean pertinent information from borrowers’ submitted documentation in a real time basis, allowing asset-based lending staff to detect and minimize emerging risk evaluation.
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Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Asset-Based Lending

The Level 7 qualification is designed to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that learners require to deal with the complexities of risk management in an Asset - Based lending context and to develop their ability to manage risk in financial organizations. 

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