Module 8

Operations /  Collateral Analysis

This module delves into the frontline and operational aspects of Asset-Based Lending. With a strong focus on real-time analysis and risk mitigation, it explores how to extract crucial information from borrowers' submitted documents to enable ABL staff to detect and minimize emerging risk evaluations.

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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

The final module provides an essential perspective on the daily operations of Asset-Based Lending, bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world applications. It's designed to empower students with the practical skills needed to actively manage and evaluate lending operations.

Through in-depth explorations of collateral analysis and operational control, this module prepares learners to actively participate in the fast-paced world of Asset-Based Lending, making real-time decisions that align with risk management best practices.
Learning Outcomes:

Understanding Operational Control:  Learn the essential concepts and areas of operational control within ABL. Acquire the skills to analyze data, information, and trends to inform decision-making.

Appraising Client Account Operations:  Develop expertise in appraising the operation of client accounts according to collateral agreements. Gain an understanding of how collateral analysis plays a crucial role in managing and controlling lending risks.