Module 7

Account Management

Focusing on the critical role of the account manager within asset-based lending, this module provides a comprehensive look at how to approach financial performance and forecasting. It aims to equip learners with the necessary skills and tools to review, evaluate, and manage lending operations and risk in a dynamic financial environment.

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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This Module offers a well-rounded perspective on account management within the asset-based lending sector. By covering a broad range of topics from financial assessment to compliance, it provides future account managers with the toolkit they need to succeed.

The blend of practical skills and theoretical understanding ensures that students are well-prepared to take on the multifaceted role of account management, adapting to ever-changing financial landscapes and regulatory requirements.
Learning Outcomes:

Assessing Financial Performance:  Develop the ability to evaluate financial performance issues, identifying potential concerns and opportunities within the lending context.

Evaluating Collateral Issues:  Learn to assess collateral intricacies, understanding how they impact the overall lending scenario.

Forecasting & Funding Availability: Acquire skills to assess forecasting and bank funding availability, aligning with strategic lending decisions.

Interpreting Supporting Reports and Audits: Gain expertise in interpreting various reports, including audit reports, and understanding their implications in account management.

Appraising Fixed Assets: Learn to appraise fixed assets within the context of asset-based lending, ensuring proper valuation and risk management.

Maintaining Credit Files: Understand how to maintain credit files in accordance with business standards, contributing to efficient and compliant lending operations