Module 3

Inventory Lending

This module focuses on the intricate process of analyzing and assessing inventory as collateral within asset-based lending. It covers the complexities involved in quantifying risk and setting appropriate lending parameters using inventory as pledged collateral.


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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This module  is an essential component of the ABLI course, providing in-depth insights into the specialized area of inventory lending. With a focus on both theoretical understanding and practical application, it equips learners with the knowledge and skills needed to handle inventory as collateral effectively and responsibly.
Learning Outcomes:

Understanding Inventory Complexity:  Grasp the multifaceted nature of using inventory as pledged collateral in the Asset-Based Lending sector, including the various risks and considerations involved.

Analyzing Tools & Techniques:
  Learn to analyze and apply various tools and techniques to determine the advance rates appropriate to individual lending proposals, ensuring a tailored approach.

Monitoring Inventory Risk:  Acquire the ability to monitor the performance of inventory risk throughout the life cycle of the loan, enabling ongoing risk management and strategic adjustments.

Assessing Market Value and Exit Strategy: 
Learn to assess the market value of inventory collateral and determine the most suitable exit strategy, aligning with both the lender's and borrower's objectives.